Actually a lot has happened since the last update but it wasn't very visual. I added a second layer of 10 oz cloth to the hull bottom. I faired that edge and the edges that lapped over the side panel from the first layer.

I also filleted the surface which the fairbody (keel) UHMW will be screwed to and applied a 12" wide tape of 10 oz cloth over that and sanded the edges down enough that they won't have to be faired with compund.

The last two days I have been working on the spray rails. I decided to make it a 3 layer rail. I used some left over 3/8 ply and cut enough pieces to make two layers. Later I will finish it off with one 1/2" layer of UHMW. At this point the Port side has both layers of 3/8" but the Starboard only has one layer.

One trick I found was that since it's hard for one person to hold and screw the 12-14 foot pieces I figured out that I could set a step ladder at the opposite end of the piece and by using the appropriate step it would hold the far end up so I could drive the first few screws without doing the leg strecthing exercise I started out with. It made for a MUCH simpler and more accurate way to get the long pieces started.

April 16, 2006

Spray Rails .

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