Since the last update I finished as much of the spray rails as I can until I turn the hull over. I snaded and shaped where they meet the bow line. Then I laid a piece of 6 oz glass cloth the full length of the lower edge. After turning the hull I'll sand and shape the top side of the rails and cover the face and topside with 6 oz cloth.  I will decide later whether or not to add a layer of UHMW.

We sanded down the hull bottom and side panels from the chines down to the spray rails. Did one last fairing. We marked and taped the line for the graphite epoxy layer.

What you see in the picture to the right is the first and second coats of epoxy with graphite added. Approx 25% graphite per volumne.

It will take 3 coats to create the super black, slippery and tough hull bottom.

The two strakes have been attached in the second picture.

April 29, 2006

Hull bottom black .

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