A couple more weekends have gone by now. I faired several areas. The scarfs, and again at the bow.

This required sanding before the glass could go on. Once it was all sanded I then swept and swept again. I learned that even tiny specks under the glass cause tiny bumps that cause an air pocket to be dealth with.

Once the sweeping was done. I laid the cloth on the hull and cut to fit. Rolled the cloth onto a stick then wiped down the areas of sanded epoxy with the water and ammonia mix. Let that dry and swept one last time.

I actually like laying 10 oz clothe better than 6 oz. It takes more epoxy but I get a lot less air under the 10 oz. I suspect that has to do with the larger weave allowing air under the cloth to just pass through and not become trapped.

Now the hull bottom has a shiney new layer of glass to be sanded.. Oh boy ;-) I have decided to add a second layer of 10 oz just for good measure.

March 26, 2006

Glassing the bottom .

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