Well two weekends have actually passed since the last update. While there has not actually been lots of visual progress there has been a lot of work done.

I had naively thought that I would have been putting on the bottom glass this weekend but sanding and fairing the sides took longer than I had counted on. Also I decided to add a second layer of 6 oz clothe on the sides. Why????????? hmmm after reading what others had done it didn't seem like an overkill and I had accidently sanded through the first layer in a couple small spots. So adding the second layer I figured was good insurance against my novice fiberglassing skills. I faired (smoothed) between each layer so I added about two days work perhaps unecessarily. Oh well I expect this boat to outlast me.

In the pictures on the side here the top one shows the second layer of glass on the port side. The two bottom pics show the last fairing compound on the outside of the glass. Once this has been sanded a last time it will receive another coat of epoxy to seal the sides. But that will wait until I have the bottom glassed. Because there will be overhang onto the sides and the inevitable drips etc. S I will wait until that is finished before doing a final sanding.


March 19, 2006

Glassing the sides .

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