First things first. There is a slight bow in each of the chines where the second and third chines pieces meet. In the picture is the port side. The starboard has the same thing but less pronounced. To straighten it out I clamped then screwed a piece of 2x4 which will be taken off later after the sides have been fitted and attached.

Once that was taken care of I then had to prepare to glue up the scarf joints for the starboard shets.. (eventualy all of them)

This took some thinking..... In order to place your side panels the framing members have to be in place. However, I have such limited space that I realized that I have to do the starboard side first... extra double measure each bench mark then glue up the port panels and fit and attach them later.

I then fitted and placed the starboard framing members with the idea of a 6'6" cuddy bunks, 7'6" cabin and 7'6" rear deck in mind.

In order to have enough "bench space" to glue up the 16' sheets on a nice flat surface I had to raise my saw horses above my shelves and let the work space actually flow into the port side the boat. Therefor I have to be pretty much done with that work space ie.. all flat surface work, before I can isntall my port framing members and then fit and attach the port side panels.

Oh the trials and tibulations of working with minimal space!

I did get the forward starboard panels glued up and spent quite a while figuring out the next few steps so as to be as efficient as possible.


Feb 2, 2006

Today I set the starboard frame members and glued the first side panel sheets.

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