The first thing we did today was sand smooth the epoxy on the scarf and a few other spots.

Next we lifted the sheet up over the hull and jockeyed it around until we had it far enough forward to reach the tip of the bow and keep the rear of the sheets square to the chine/shelf.

Once that was right I screwed the panel to the temporary backing blocks that were put in place the previous day . By starting at the rear of the sheet and moving forward it wasn't too difficult to screw to the shelf and blocks moving forward and leaning hard against the panel to force it into shape against the frame.

The last bit against the bowstem required a fair amount of force.

As soon as it was held in place I crawled under the hull and marked the chine line and the shelf. Along the shelf I added a half inch.

Once it was marked it came off and was cut. I then made "hangers" along the bottom of the shelf to support the sheet once it was refitted.

During refitting I saw several areas that needed some fine tuning with the plane so I shaved them down until I got a nice clean fit at the chine.

It became apparent that I will have to shim a bit along the bowstem down from the hull bottom. I guess this is not uncommon but the gap is also a result of the mishap at the time of fixing the hull bottom onto the stringers and bowstem last week.

Once refitted the panel was taken off and the inside was fiberglassed with 6 0z glass leaving bare wood along the rear scarf, the edges and where the the panel will fit against the framing members.

There was one problem encountered today. The bowstem delaminated from the tip of the shelves! I am learning not to panic as much now as I have been told and have found that epoxy cures all.

Feb 5, 2006

We fitted the forward starboard side panel today.

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