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Vallejo Martial Arts

Martial Arts Schools in Vallejo, CA

There are many martial arts to chose from, and perhaps almost as many schools as reasons one might want to train in any given martial art.

I started training in Martial Arts when my 6 year old son started. We wanted him to try out various athletic endeavors and we'd heard good reports on Sensei Bear Roberts Seibukan of Solano, where the art is Seibukan Jujutsu. Seibukan Jujutsu is a modernized version of an ancient Japanese Martial Art.

After two or three classes of Seibukan Jujutsu with my son learning the basics of rolling and falling and going through strikes and kicks, I became more and more interested. Primarily it was the philosophy of the Sensei and the Art to avoid confrontation, before it turns violent. To become a modern warrior, work to improve community, and avoid violence when possible and to avoid injury of yourself and opponents.

Vallejo Ferry

I've been commuting from Vallejo to San Francisco on the Ferry for almost ten years now. Previously I rode a motorcycle, and had so may close calls on a daily basis that I was a stressed out fellow. A day came where I had gotten life threateningly sick, and I parked the bike and started taking the ferry.

The Ferry gave me a new lease on life, and suddenly I was more relaxed, more productive and a happier person.

It boiled down to getting off the freeway and instead having a peaceful one hour ferry ride where I could sit outside and breath fresh salt air while visiting with new found friends, sharing some snacks and a beer or glass of wine, and making a really great transition to and from work.

Free Airgun FPE Calculator

I love to target shoot and plink with airguns. I have an RWS Diana 350 Magnum .22, a Crosman 1322 pistol in .22 and an Industry Brand QB79 in .177. I use a chrony to test the air guns to make sure that they are still performing as good as or better than stock. If I make any modifications or try out a new pellet I like to have a benchmark of the FPS or Feet Per Second velocity of that pellet, and the weight in grains to figure out the FPE or Foot Pounds of Energy. I use this Free Airgun FPE Calculator:

A recent purchase was the Sumatra Carbine in .25, an airgun made in South Korea by Sam Yang or Eun Jin Industries. The Koreans are known for making some very interesting and unique high powered, and sophisticated airguns, and the Sumatra is one of those. Check out the Sumatra Review at my friends at ArcherAirRifles.

Shinybumper Business Directory - Buy and Sell Excess Electronic Inventory

Shinybumper.com is building a business directory to help good companies get found on the internet. Currently we are looking to help electronics manufacturers find electronic parts and components. MOQller is one of the companies being featured because they aim to connect manufacturers with excess inventory to other companies looking for electronic parts and components but struggle due to minimum order requirements or MOQ, or extremely long lead times to fill their bill of materials (bom).

Airgun Forum

AirGun Guild is an AirGun Forum for all airgun enthusiasts. We believe in being open and sharing airgun information with all.

The Airgun Guild is a great resource for AirGuns of all brands, whether it be break barrel, Co2, pump, or PCP.