Contemplating buying a boat? There are many Boat Manufacturers building many different types of boats for the American Boating Market. You can buy boats that are fiberglass, wooden, aluminum, steel, kevlar etc. Pick a type of boat, material and go shopping. Or if the bug bites you, then contemplate building your own boat such as a stitch and glue Tolman Skiff.

Since I originally put this list together years ago, a lot of boat manufacturers have ceased to exist, and closed their shops. So many links are broken on this page, but I'm working on cleaning them up.

American Power Boats

International Power Boats

Ski Boats & Wake Boats - Ski & Wake Boat Builders

Pontoon Boat Manufacturer and Deck Boat Manufacturers

Inflatables and RIBs -Inflatable and RIB Boat Builders

Catamaran Boat - Cat Boat Builders

Houseboats - House Boat Boat Manufacturers

Electric Powered Boats Boatbuilders

Miscellaneous Boat Types - Boatbuilders & Boat Manufactures