Bruce Armstrong's Standard Tolman

2003 Canada Trip   |   2007 Canada Trip

Interior Shots

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1st mate privacy screen: the simple addition of this curtain (plus the P.Potti) solved the only problem my wife had with spending days on the boat 1st-mate-privacy-screen.jpg

Added strength: I hate stuff sliding around in a boat. I have manila rope gromets at the bottom of the front cactus rack and at the front corner of the steering station but tiedown points are non-existant in the front of the decked i added these pieces at each side of the interior......lots of tie down points as well as adding some structure. added-strengthtie-points.jpg

The interior of the steering station. battery box on deck, large box in middle is removable and accessible from the front, under the steering wheel, and is used for small stuff....glasses, keys, cameras, etc. Below this box is the master switch accessible when standing beside the boat when it's on the trailer.......also easily accessible is the back of the inst.

Full canvas...this is a pix in Canada with the sleeping/sunshade canvas for use underway but at anchor, it's completely private inside the boat and you can nearly stand when changing clothes ......the support for the canvas is the two s.steel receivers on the transom.....later pictures explain......Begone-full-canvase.jpg

Boarding treads.......scrape wood....why not? boarding-treads.jpg

Bow detail: my stainless steel guy insisted....have not used it yet....the bit really makes anchoring/trailering easy and I couldn't get behind Renn's bow treatment.....the threaded brass on stainless crossbar may be a bit over the top.....bow-detail.jpg

center seating removed.....the center seat section is removable for walkthru...never run the boat this way.....the center section is covered on the bottom with prep 5'2" wife sleeps across the seat area. center-removed.jpg

Ash.......better lookingthan metal....we're building wood boats, right? cheap@$1.00hour.jpg

cook box open and closed......on a small boat everything has to be in its right place and easily usable......cook-box-open.jpg

cover removed: the fuel filter and floscan are mounted on the side of the splash well.....ugly as sin.....this pix shows the cover removed....cover-removed.jpg

Trash bag.....triangle shape uses all the available space....kicker covered below covered-trash-bag.jpg

Kicker mounted and uncovered....hope I never have to find out if I'm up to mounting this 65#er in a rough sea.....deckmount-kicker.jpg

dodger in down position....dodger-down.jpg

dodger up......5 seconds's at my chin level and keeps me warm but my wife's lobbying for a window on her side......dodger-up.jpg

dry chamber above the crash chamber......i put a lock on it and keep cameras, gps and the like if I leave the boat.....dry.jpg

the cover I built to cover the fuel filter and floscan.....velcro'd in place with an elongated hole on top for the fuel line from filter to yamaha filterfloscan-cover.jpg

forward view with privacy screen up....and the mysterious PP forward.jpg

Front of steering station with 2screw cover in place....

full seating in place with plastic packer boxes under each seat. full-seating.jpg

gas tank line: trouble spot.....where the gas tank 90 sticks up above the deck....cover screwed to deck with fuel line exiting toward transom and up to filter on starboard side of splash well....plate covers depth finder puck and sump pump .. about 1cu' of underdeck space.....the wooden/varnished piece on the front of the engine covers the steering slider plate....don't want to look at THAT greasy mess.....jeez....gasoline-tank-linedeckinsp.jpg

h2o proof chamber: spare lines and main anchor on the forward deck....a weakness is the time it takes to unzip the forward canvas when wanting to deply the anchor....and doing so without sticking the side of the boat with a fluke.....i can see why a bow roller is cool....but can't have it all on a 20' boat.....the anchor's tied to the bit.....H2O-proof-chamber.jpg

this bag contains all the lines....also takes up otherwise unused space in the boat and does not touch the deck....stays dry if the boat gets water in it.....the wooden piece is the boat hook i made last month to plans in WoodenBoat....much nicer to use than the traditional brass/oak hook mounted under the oars......line-bag.jpg

bit detail lower-bit-detail.jpg

salty: you can't just cut it off flush.......let's have some style guyz...make-it-salty.jpg

male engineering......if I have to explain this piece of engineering, you're a lot younger than I am......male-centric-engineering.jpg

map desk: between the steering wheel and panel i've got a flat surface for maps and the like..not huge but ample.....the green thingie is a canvas case with a clean top panel to combat spray and

mooring canvas lower mount: this piece of SS backs up the kicker mount and provides the anchor for the post used to spring the mooring canvas shown in a previous shot....also seen: backup anchor/bucket, oar handles, green case used to carry the radio antenna/anchorlite mast when traveling mooring-canvas-mount.jpg

oar thru holes.....10'oars in a 20' boat require some fiddling.....strictly decoration folks....oar-thru-holes.jpg

new inst. panel: r to l: floscan with totalizer window, impeller pressure, depth, tach/trim/total hours/ engine alarms/fuel/amps. room on right for new gps.....xmas present. panelroom-for-gps.jpg

SS mount for radio antenna and mast used for mooring lite AND the other strap that holds up the mooring canvas....radiomoorlite-mast-mount.jpg

Luxury in a matching box...reason-for-privacy-screen.jpg

Steering station: one of the most complex pieces....notice the removable panel at the bottom .. used if the underdeck tank has to be ext. slot is just in front of the throw ring.....throttle assy. mounted to the sheer deck and could be higher but OK......hydralic steering makes the confines imposed by the design do-able where cables might not like the bends......all the wires/hoses run under the sheer deck to the stern..the dask hole under the wheel is the access to the interior storage box....breakers below wheel front-of-ss.jpg


a better view of the removable panel ......tank-remove-panel-on-bottom.jpg

underseat boxes: Kmart stuff but very serviceable.....all safety gear, boat records, binoc's, misc stuff...very handy and actually designed the seat structure around the boxes......underseat-storagee.jpg

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