Bruce Armstrong's 2007 Trip to Canada: A Tolman Skiff Standard Adventure

  1. Classic Beavers
  2. Moose Boat me baby!
  3. Colors / Sointula
  4. classic / Sointula
  5. Voted best combo
  6. Could be fun on an inner tube!
  7. Luxury cabin! Shawl Bay and good parking!
  8. Could it get any better than this?
  9. Carbon imprint be damned!
  10. Notice the water running down into this lagoon? very dangerous place as it just comes up to level at full, high tide......people get caught in here by going in at slack and not being able to get out as the tide in a dingy, however.....
  11. Rear View
  12. Crap in the water
  13. ATC: Sullivan Bay
  14. Alaska alloy sail boat
  15. NZ Stabicraft
  16. Bruce and Diane
  17. $100/Hour!
  18. At the Dock
  19. Sometimes ya' gotta go 25!
  20. Alert Bay visitor's dock
  21. Alert Bay First Nation Museum
  22. 1906 and still fishing......and in the same family....Alert Bay......hand az'd hull........original ribs and planking

At Speed.

Bruce/Santa Barbara

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