This is how we started on the starboard side. I had originally planned to create some basic counter top configuration with storage underneath. But after being out a couple times realized most of our use will be day trips so we won't need that counter top cooking area very often. But we could use another seat. As I have mentioned before I am not at the cabinet builder skill level. So this is pretty rustic, heavy construction. But I believe it will suit or needs.



I decided to divide up the space so that a seat would be the usual configuration but will later build a box that can be fastened onto the seat space. The box will contain all the cooking type items needed for an overnighter etc. We have a plastic box with everything we would need that we have used for truck camping.



Beneath the seat will be another storage box with dividers that can be slid in and fastened. I am doing this so that in the future I can take it out and get to all the cables and wiring running under the starboard gunnel/shelf.





Under the aft compartment are the major electrical components, and a storage area for tools and spare parts. In the top face opening is a compartment just perfect for hanging a roll of paper towel, always necessary. I will later put a facing on the entire component so that it matches the port side.



Those pieces of plywood in the bottom of the compartment are patches that could be screwed over a breach if we ever punched a hole in the boat.



I found that I had some foam batts laying around in our storage shed and they work perfectly for seats for the time being. I got an estimate to have real cushions made for the cuddy and settees, $700 at least. We'll be using the foam for a while I suspect.


I have found that if you fold the co-pilot seat forward I can very comfortably lay on the port settee and take a nap. I might not want to sleep there all night (I am 5'10") but a kid or shorter person actually could.

July 08, 2008

After several outings We have a better for feel for how the cabin should be laid out. .

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