We got the new Suzuki 140 4 stroke engine. It's sweet, quiet, smooth, fuel efficent, and no smoke. We love it. We have the depth finder Fish finder (sonar) transducer on. I am still trying different size props and adjusting the engine height to fine tune performance. So far I think the 3x13.25x19 prop is a good all around size.






The Morad 156 hot stick antenna is in, this picture shows it down in the traveling position




The anchor roller is complete and mounted. The chain lock keeps the anchor from falling and the bungee hslpe to keep tension on the chain so the anchor doesn't bounce around on the roller.










he roof rails are on and ready for primer and pain. As you can see I had a problem with the roof paint or lack of. In my rush to launch on Memorial day I forgot that I had only painted the perimeter of the roof. The center area was primer only. Well after a a few weeks of exposure to the weather it began to flake. It was also difficult in the garage to do a good sand job of the middle of the roof. So now I am sanding down all the flaking areas, re-priming, and painting.


We installed our Garmin 340c FF and the Garmin 4010 gps chartplotter. I really like the chartplotter.





After a few hours of riding We realized we needed to make some changes to the co-pilot seat. Originally the lever for the seat swivel pointed forward but Kath kept banging the back of her leg on it and got bruised. So I moved the seat mount to the right a little (because the seat back was hitting the side wall and not swivel) and pointed the lever to the side. Also because of Kath's height her feet were just dangling and found that the dash opening was a good place to put her feet so I beefed that up to accommodate her.

The work continues

Since the last post we have made some more recent additions, changes.

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