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Oct 27 , 2007

Working on the walk-around deck (sheer deck)

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We began working on the finishing details of the sheer deck. I first cut and fitted a sacrificial piece of 1/4" ply to which the UHMW rub rail will later attach. In order to fit the compound curve at the forward end I had to cut the piece into two 1"x1/4" pieces. Then where the flare dies out I was able to run the whole 2"x1/4" piece back to the transom.

Once that was completed I attached a 1/2" 1/4 round piece forward of the spray diverter as the toe rail to keep our feet from skidding off the deck when walking forward. I will next add a second piece of the same material outside of that (creating a 1/2 round). This will cap the 1/2" thick black UHMW which will later be fixed as the rub rail.

In the bottom left picture the gap between the toe rails is where the bow roller (anchor receiver) will sit.