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Nov 10 , 2007

Toe rails complete

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We finished the outer edge of the toe rails now. To do this we tacked and clamped the pieces of 1/2" 1/4 round material to the already attached inner halves. This had to be done in halves because 1/2 round was not flexible enough to follow the compound curve.

Once the pieces were fitted I left them tacked in place for a couple days to allow them to conform somewhat to the curve. When we were ready to glue them in place we took them off and epoxied them re-nailing and clamping to keep them in place until the epoxy set. The next day I pulled all the nails and sanded them clean.

As you can see we have begun filling and smoothing the starboard upper side panels in prep for priming. I figure at least one more fill and sanding should get them to a finish that will look good once primed and painted.