OK today was a big day. A couple friends came over (Danny C & Elkman). We lifted the hull bottom up onto the frame. That was a significant milestone to me. It represented the beginning of a visible boat. It also reclaimed a lot of space that has been blocked by the hull bottom being laid against one wall.

Based on advice from the Tolman email group I learned that the best way to make adjustments was to set some 2x blocking between the stringers and the hull bottom. That simple piece of advice made a world of difference in the fine tuning during this stage of the project.

Once the hull bottom was raised from the framework using the blocking I skidded the bottom way forward to allow room to work. Then I began working on custom fitting the bow stem.

This took longer than I would have thought. Probably 3 hours of chiseling, and planing to get it right. In the end it seems to fit pretty good.

I then began to work on fitting the stringers to the hull bottom. BIG NOTE.... in the book Renn gave a figure of something like 17' 1/4" from the stringer tip to the rear of the transom.... That must be if you are building a 22' boat. Because if you are building a 24' boat you will need to add almost two feet to that measurement. But so far it seems like exact measurments are unlikely here. What this boils down to is shave a bit off and lower the hull bottom. Mark the contact points. Slide the stringer forward or back a couple hairs. Raise the hull bottom again with the blocks and plane down the surface again. Then start the process over.

So far this is the first really painstaking custom fitting process  I have encounted with the kit. But it is satisfying really. Shave a little, fidget the pieces a little and so on.

Tomorrow I hope to finish fitting the stringers which may require re-adjusting the bow stem and who knows what else. I'll see how it goes tomorrow.


Dec 17, 2005

Set hull bottom on frame.

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