First off Lesson Learned. Putting tape along the joint was not necessarily a bad idea. However, you have to pull the tape after only a couple hours. Leaving it until the next day allows the epoxy to soak through it and then you have to scrap not only the epoxy but the tape as well. Live and learn.

Once the clean-up was done I then fiberglassed the inside of the transom. I left a strip around the edges so that I would have some raw wood later to adhere to when it was installed.

This time I pulled the blue tape before the epoxy had a chance to soak through.


Since my rollers have not arrived yet I just used brushes for laying on the epoxy over the fiberglass. Hmmm it's pretty wavey. I hope the rollers will help reduce that or the sanding will be huge.




This last picture is actually after cleaning up the transome the next day.


Nov 10, 2005

Today I cleaned up the transom and fiberglassed it.

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