Steve's Tolman Project 61st page...

May 22nd, 2005

Worked on glassing the side decks between the splashwell and the cuddy cabin bulkhead. This included a massive amount of sanding to fair all the bumpiness from epoxy drips and drool as well as edges of previous glass work. Then I glassed the edges of the sides and and side decks at the bow back to the front cuddy bulkhead. For what ever reason I never did finish those bits way back when.

This morning meant that all that glassing I did yesterday needed scraping today. And so I did. I scraped until I was worn out.

Will have a ton more scraping and sanding coming up. Each day I work on the boat, I try to pick a doable area that needs sanding. I sand it and move on to the next thing. This way I don't get so burnt out on the sanding part. Got a new sander to make it less dusty and painful. This 6" Rigid sander has nice vacum pickup or you can use the included vacum bag. With my shopvac hooked up I see little or no dust. It's sucking so hard, with the sander off, you can almost stick it to a vertical surface and have it hold through the holes in the sanding pad. This is one incredible feature. And it's much smoother than the other small sanders I have, plus it has a three year warranty, and it really fits the bill between the big 8" Makita sander/polisher and the smaller 5" Porter Cable (buzzbomb) or the Bosch 5" random orbit sander.

Built three side deck baffles that are used to divert water coming down the side decks off the sides of the boat instead of having the side decks drain the water in hull. These are all made of oak and two are installed at the rear of the wheelhouse and one is installed before the fuel filler on the port side. Each of these are about 2 inches in height. I glued, filleted and taped them into place.

Was making googoo eyes at the Suzuki when I suddenly had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Something was off. I'd look at the Suzuki head on and it didn't look straight. I immediately thought the transom was somehow off. But nope if I blocked the motor out everything looked straight. Then I looked again more closely at the Suzuki, and I figured it out. The Suzuki sticker is slightly out of whack, and then I noticed that the GoFastSwoopyGraphics were even further out of whack. You'd think that that the sticker guy would have figured out a way of putting stickers on straight by now. Sigh. Anyway, my heart is beating again. Good thing cause I was-a-gonna have jump off the boat and land on my back to get it ticking again. Thumpathumpa, thumpa thump.

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