Steve's Tolman Project 62nd page...

May 30th, 2005

Have a nasty cold that won't leave me alone, so my wagon was draggin this long weekend, and I got a little less done than I'd of liked.

I did get a couple of applications of thickened (fairing compound) epoxy on the both sides of the hull at the side to top of gunnel connection. I sanded before and in between each application with the hope that I'd be getting rid of the fiberglass tape seam. This is dirty work and is hard on your hands, arms and shoulders holding that sander on a vertical surface. But the new sander is a joy to use in comparison to the old buzz/dust generators. Hook up the shopvac and suck away all that dust. Before this sander any of the other sanders would coat me and the boat in a thick layer of sanding dust in a few minutes. I'm about to retire all my other sanders and look at other vacuum attached models.

I added a layer of 1/4" plywood on the roof edges. This included a 2 1/2" piece on each side and about a 12" piece on the front and back. They're glued in place and filleted, but need some glass on the outside. This greatly adds to the rigidity of the roof edges, and the larger doubled area up front and back will allow for bolting on of antennas for the radio and gps as well as a radar dome. It also adds a nice finished look to the roof. I'm still thinking I'll add the Tugboat/Trawler roof later on. But if I don't the current roof still looks pretty nice. Also want to add some sort of a baffle at the rear edge of the roof so that salt spray doesn't drain on anyone who happens to be standing in the doorway to the wheelhouse. The Ferry I ride on from Vallejo to San Francisco during the week does not have such a baffle and somedays the rain streams down and soaks anyone brave enough to sit outside (even under the four or five foot overhang).

Glassed the outside of my instrument panel, and built a new version of the control box bracket. This is glassed and ready for fairing. I think I'm going to bolt it on in case I need to shift it's position.

June 5th, 2005

Cold kicked my fanny all week. And it was a struggle to get any work done on the Jumbo this weekend.

Finished the control box mount and I glued, taped and temporarily screwed it into place. Will remove screws when it's had a few days to cure. I'm happy with the position and I designed this mount so I can access the control box screws pretty easily.

Did some sanding on the roof and got rid of some rough spots. Cut out a 6" piece of 1/4" plywood to run down the center of the wheelhouse roof. It needs a little stiffening if I'm to ever crawl up there. Plus it adds some thickness for hanging radar etc. Also cut out some strips of 1/4" plywood to make a coaming for the rear of the wheelhouse roof. This will act as a water diverter so water doesn't drain directly into the hull. Will glue both of these up next weekend and glass them.

next installment...