Steve's Tolman Project 40th page...

May 15th, 2004

Since my last posting life has taken a sudden unexpected turn. After the tonsil surgery, a biopsy of my left tonsil shows that I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Diffuse Large B Cell). My prognosis is good however and it appears that I am at Stage one, which means that we caught it early and it doesn't look like it's spread. I started the first of three Chemo treatments on my birthday, May 13th, and will also have a round of radiation treatments. My doctor says we're treating for Cure. So, the updates may come sporatically again, but I intend on continuing work on the Jumbo, although it will be at a reduced pace. Update:I've finished Chemo, and now feel human again, and am soon starting radiation. Life is good and I'm back to boat building.

The Jumbo is coming along. Currently I'm installing a deck in the cuddy cabin, so one doesn't have to step on the curved bottom. This will make it a more comfortable deck to bunk height, and will also make for sure footing when climbing in and out of cuddy cabin. Since I used 1/2" plywood for the deck I added a 3/4"x3/4" stiffener on the underside of the deck going lengthwise, and also added a nailer underneath at each end. It's nice and stiff.

August 7, 2004

Cuddy cabin sides and roof are on, glassed and epoxyed. For the most part the cuddy cabin is finished. I've got little bits of things to do here in and there like come up with some side windows or ports. It's already a good hiding place for when someone wants to find me but I don't want to be found. All I need is a pillow.

I've started on building the steering station, and have it placed to figure out how I'm going to run cables and wiring. At 42" from deck to top of steering wheel I find it a comfortable fit while standing up. Should be nice whilst sitting down or leaning against the planned leaning post. I spent several days getting these measurements just right. Have also got a general mounting area for the control box. I don't want to be bumping it in snotty seas, and yet it has to be in a comfortable position where my hand will be much of the time while underway. To me, getting the ergonomics right is incredibly important. Steering station will have instruments mounted on the slanted top surface. This should be comfortable to see.

I found a really good deal on 2004 Suzuki 140 fourstroke outboard motors, so I ordered mine. It's here sitting in it's crate waiting to be installed. Since the motor is ready and I'm not, I've decided that I'll try and concentrate on getting the rear of the boat ready for the motor ASAP. Who knows, I may have to take the Jumbo out on a shakedown cruise before the wheelhouse and decks are done. I'm itching for a boat ride.

Splash well panels are glassed on one side, and will get glassed on the other side tomorrow. I hope to get moving on installing the splash well sometime in the next week.

August 15, 2004

Splash well panels are glassed on both sides and are ready for installation. Before installing them however, I need to install a drain plug, the rear bulkhead for the fish box and a small rear section of deck. Once I have that section of deck installed then I'll be drilling and installing the deck scuppers. This will require drilling throught the hull at the deck level, on both sides, and then inserting and gluing in homemade fiberglass tubes. The tubes will line the holes and extend beyond the transom. With the deck fully installed any water that comes over the side with drain out these scuppers while underway. To keep water from coming back in through these tubes, I'll be installing an open ended canvas sock on each tube. Water drains out, but the sock collapses when water tries to come in.

I glued up the the rear bulkhead for the fuel tank compartment yesterday, and then installed a 2" x 3" strip of wood on the inside bottom of the hull from this bulkhead aft to about 16" from the transom. Renn says to run a "web stringer" along this area, which extends upward from the inside bottom of the hull to the deck height. But since I'd be giving up all that space, with his blessing I've added this "rib" to add the needed strength. This area aft of the fuel tank will be an insulated fish hold.

Next Installment