Steve's Tolman Project 41st page...

September 3rd, 2004

I'm getting close to installing the deck just at the transom. Will probably get it in tomorrow. I've added nailers at the transom and on the sides upto the rear frames, and I've also added a cross piece at the rear frames to the stringers on both sides. Added white color to epoxy and coated the bilge so I can see when it's filling up with water and crud.

Coated the rear deck with epoxy and glass and have the underside to do tomorrow. Also added a ring of 3/4" plywood to raise up the Beckson Deck Plate. This should help keep it from leaking and will also add a bit of stiffening in this area.

I plan on a rather long fish hold between the fuel tank and bilge. It's about 60 inches long and the width (30") of the stringers. I plan on installing 2" thick styrofoam, and then a 1/4" shell on the inside. Will glass it and probably coat it with the white colored epoxy. Still not sure on the design of the lid. Scratching my head on that one.

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