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Saturday, July 27th, 2002

Well, I was supposed to go Salmon fishing today with my buddy Dick, but as usual the ocean and wind did not cooperate and so we left the Salmon to do whatever Salmon do when we're not chasing them. But I did get in a good day of boat building. After a little bit of fairing, pre-sanding cured epoxy and generally standing there scratching my head, I decided that I had enough of using those giant fairing boards. I reckoned that it was time to put on the side glass. Took me most of the day but I succeeded in glassing both sides and I must say that it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It was labor intensive but I'm happy with the results.

Did you know that fiberglass that's ever so perfectly applied and properly wetted out, is just ding dang beautiful?

Sunday:Gone Fishin

Today, the weather decided to cooperate, so it was time to go fishing and skip boat building. So I braved flat calm seas with my buddy, Dick Slavens. That ocean air cures what ails you. yessir. Salmon weren't exactly jumping in the boat as was reported last week, but I was able to muster a 34lb Salmon and Dick took home a 33lb and an 8 lb. On 15lb test, a wimpy downrigger rod and an ancient Shimano baitcasting reel I brought out of retirement, the fight carried on for ten or fifteen or so minutes.

This is pure fun. : )

Fire up the smoker!!!

Life is good.

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