Steve's Tolman Project 19th page...

Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th, 2002


I sanded, sanded and sanded until I thought my arms were going to fall off. The standard tools of the trade were my usual Makita Sander/Polisher, PorterCable 5" (buzzy) random orbit sander and those lovely fairing boards of Bruce's. I'm now sick of sanding. But of course if you need to put another coat of epoxy on cured epoxy then you will have to sand, otherwise it ain't-a-gonna-stick. Hrrrmph.


Today I continued prep work on the bottom and actually was able to muster getting one side of the bottom glassed. Let me tell you, that putting fiberglass on the bottom of a Tolman Jumbo is no trivial matter. It's a huge area to smear on epoxy and a giant pain to wet out and not get epoxy all over you. I think it took upwards of two hours to coat the one side of the bottom with epoxy, roll out the fiberglass, and wet it out. I'm tuckered and have decided that one side per day is enough.

UHMW is here and hopefully I'll finish the bottom next Saturday and then get a chance to start cutting the UHMW to size. Time to order the trailer, since I've decided to only coat the bottom with a final coat of graphite filled epoxy and to only paint the sides with primer for now. I figure if I put the final coat of paint on now, then I'll just drool epoxy on it before I'm totally finished with the Jumbo.

next installment...