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4th of July weekend and July 13th & 14th

4th of July weekend had me fairing the chine flat to side and bottom joints. Taking the big sander polisher to the joints quickly got rid of the excess putty and the orbital sander also made quick work of rounding off the joints. A tiny bit of secondary filling of these joints was required and after a night of curing I again faired and then set about to putting a double layer of tape on each connection at the side/bottom/chine flat. I'm still kinda pokey and so this took all of the weekend to accomplish.

The weeknd of the 13th and 14th, had me fairing the side panels mostly at the scarfs. I had one, ummmmm less than perfect scarf that required a bit of filling and a lot of sanding. Bruce Armstrong lent me his 4 1/2" x 30" long fairing boards, which are quite lovely but I affectionately refer to as the torture devices. I'll have monkey arms and shoulders if I keep using these things.

After I got sick and tired of sanding I turned my attention to the keel. It was lumpy in places and so I made a couple swipes of putty to this joint. Will probably need one more application and yes a lot of sanding. errrgh.

I also spent most of Sunday taping up the keel from the bowstem rearward to the where the doubled bottom starts. Two layers of tape met up to where I'd done the keel fairing. This taping will require more of the same sort of filling with thick red putty and you got it...sanding.

The transom/bottom/side connection also got two layers of 10oz fiberglass tape and the bottom connection will end up with one more layer after I've tapered the bumpy edges from the first two layers.

I hope to get the side and bottom glass on next week so I can finish fairing and get to installing the bottom strakes. UHMW is on order in a lovely shade of black.

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