Steve's Tolman Project 14th page...

Saturday, June 1th - Sunday June 2, 2002

Spent hours cleaning and moving stuff out of my way. I can clean up, and an hour later it's a disaster. I guess my Daddy was right, I'm a leaver. Always been that way, always will be that way til the day I'm pushing up daisies.

After the cleaning bit, I ripped and cut the side panels into proper sizes. I'd not done that when I did the bottom panels since I'd run out of room for 12 foot panels. After cutting, I planed them into the proper 7:1 ratio angle for the scarf. Then I glued up the first two. I like scarfing. Me thinks it's fun. : ) Other two would have to wait til tomorrow morning since I was out of room again.

Then I measured and cut the first of two pairs of rear frames. One set goes at station six and the other pair go 48 inches to the rear from station 6 to mark the rear of my wheelhouse. I hope that these are going to be good dimensions. I want to keep as much rear deck as possible for fishing, but I still want a wheel house that'll comfortably hold two or three people. Hmmmm me thinks it's a trade off. When I roll the hull and have had a chance to get used to the space I'll know for sure. I figure if these dimensions aren't quite right I can always just add more framing to the right place. Other than adding a tiny bit of weight and being accused of overbuilding the boat, I shouldn't have any problems.


Got up this morning and glued the second two panels together and installed the first and the second pair of frames. Also did a bit of screw hole filling and started fairing the bottom in anticipation of bottom glass. Toward the end of the day, I was inspecting my handywork and admiring the rear frames. Then I made the mistake of going back an measuring distance between rear frame members and somehow came up short by an inch on one of them. Crud. Ended up sawing one frame member off, and reinstalling in the proper position. errrrg. I think I'll have the side panels on by the end of next weekend. Wow, it'll look like a boat.

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