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Saturday, June 15th - Sunday June 23, 2002

Sorry I didn't post an update last weekend. I didn't work on Sunday and Saturday I was only able to add a third set of rear frames. I had installed only two sets, one at station six for the cabin bulkhead and one set 48" to the rear of that for the wheel house bulkhead. There was a pretty big distance between this last set of frames to the transom, and so with Renn's blessings and measurements I added the third set. I dropped my digital camera and broke it, so til I replace it I'll rely on friends to digitally photograph it for me or I'll break out the old Nikon.

Today I was a busy, busy fellow. After changing the oil, adjusting the chain and washing my beast of a motorcycle, and a short excursion to see a friend of a friend's new Seaswirl Striper 21 footer I settled down into a lovely day of building.

First order of business was to fill some holes in the two 48" side panels and fair an imperfect scarf. Then I messed around fairing the shelf at the bow, filled some more holes, and sanded down a bunch of holes I filled last week. Me thinks this business of filling and sanding is going to go on for quite a while.

Next order of business was to temporarily mount the front side panel on the port side and adjust, adjust and adjust til I was happy. Then I mounted the rear panel and marked everything. Then I discovered that I had a good amount of extra plywood at the bow, but at the transom I had it right up the edge. Back to square one, took the panels off, repositioned the front panel, added the rear panel, adjusted and now I'm happy. Marked everything off, removed the panels and the one broken sheet rock screw... Rrrrrrgh. Then I cut the front panel to shape, faired the chine edge and scarfed the two panels together. They're glued up and waiting for my attention tomorrow. I have a tiny bit of fairing to do at the transom in the morning and then I think I'll be ready to mount side one!

Sunday was another productive day for Jumbo building. First thing Sunday morning I put glass on the second part of the scarfed side panels. It was a warm day and so in about four hours the epoxy had cured enough to handle.

Called my good friend Dick Slavens to get help hanging the almost 24 foot panel. He zoomed over and we prefit the panel. Found a little bit of planing was required to make it fair at the chine. Also found that I had taken off a bit too much of the bowstem. but an extra helping of putty cured that.

Got the side panel nailed in place with only about four nails missing their mark. eeeeeep.

Folks, the side panel has transformed the Jumbo from just a bunch of pieces into Half a Hull! It's so ding dang cool I can't hardly sit still. And it is so smooth that I'm amazed. The sides are going to require very little fairing. This is a good thing since the bottom is going to require a bit of putty to fill in the lumpy keel joint.

It's almost a boat!!!

heehee Life is fine and dandy!!

Sunday June 23

Only got some fairing and a few noodly things done on Saturday, but today I got the starboard side panels positioned, marked, cut out and scarfed. I was also able to glass the inside of the front panel after I'd finished scarfing. Sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow I'll fit the 23' plus side panel, trim here and there and glue it up. By gum it'll float!

next installment...