The quality of this kit is truley impressive. Neal doesn't seem to believe in building with the quality of today's dimensional lumber. All the materials he lays up himself at his amazing shop. He laminates all the materials for the shelves, and chines and gives you enough of the laminted leftovers for your rear framing members. What you end up with is true, solid, straight materials from which to build your hull. Essentially all your dimensional lumber parts are really LVL. Including your framework/molding. I am impressed to say the least.


Then on top of that he spent an hour or more explaning his process for putting it together. This was really valuable information. Especially since a number of the parts deviate from Renn's book. Neal's improvements make the lay-up & construction process more precise.



Nov 5, 2005

The Jumbo Kit arrived from Skiff Kits Today ! Since I live only a short distance from the Laser Tech shop Neal personally delivered the kit.  FINALLY -  it's for real. I have all the materials to build the hull. Now it's up to me to make this thing happen.

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