The first real outing, late June 2008

Our oldest daughter, Sera, and her husband, Andy, came up for a week and we all got to take our first outing together on the boat and to do some fishing. It was a great time. We had a lot of fun, caught fish and learned a lot about the boat and instruments.

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Our first outing was quite overcast but the seas were pretty calm. We put a lot of miles on first just out sightseeing. We saw lots of otters, often rafted up in groups well over a dozen. We saw seals hauled out on to rocky islands. We also saw whales (minkes we think) but could never get the cameras on them in time to get a picture.

We cruised into the Halibut Cove community. The floating building with an open sign is thier coffee shop.

We finally got around to some halibut fishing. Our first place didn't turn up much but we lucked onto a hole in a protected area and did pretty. We kept 5 in the about 15 - to nearly 40 lb range.

By the end of this week we had over 20 hours on the motor.