Oct 8 , 2006

Back in the saddle...Finally !

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Okay starting to work on the Tolman again on a more regular basis.

Since the last update I have finished all the chine & shelf fillets & glassing.

I have cut and mostly dry fit the webstringers and the bow pipe is fixed in place. I chose to go with the inline with stringers angle in hopes of reducing wear on the bow line.

I added a middle stringer forward of the fuel tank since that covers station 6 which takes the most stress. It is a two step stringer cut to accomodate the forward drop down deck in the pilot house and the deck in the cuddy.

Odd as it may seem I have not yet done the major fillet / glass job of the main stringers. I am planning a couple days when Kath is availab le to help on that. She is a great epoxy mixer ;-)