Well nearly three weeks have passed since the last update. and quite a bit has happened. My sensitivity to epoxy developed into a full blown reaction. From the annoying rashes, then hay fever type allergy to an allergic asthma attack which required a trip to the ER. I had to take about 10 days off from building, take a bunch of meds and finally bought a respirator. So a word of warning if your working around epoxy don't confuse the lack of strong odor with not giving off harmful vapors. Get an appropriate respirator and wear it! Duh..... Pictured below is the respirator I should have got months ago.

3M-07178, one half mask respirator packages which includes one 6200 half mask respirator, one set of organic vapor cartirdges 6001, four P95 filters, and two two 501 filter retainers can be found online at www.jamestowndistibutors.com

So anyway back to the boat project. I completed the fillet along the keel strake. Got all three coats of graphite epoxy on. Still got some bubbles in the last coat.. damn bubbles. Oh well ...

laid up 10 oz glass on the lower side (upper as it sits right now) of the spray rails.

Have applied the last coat of epoxy on the sides, sanded it down and let sit a couple days. Finally I primered between the rails and chines with 2 coats of system III two part primer. I ended up putting one skimpy coat between the rails and shelves because I my first batch too big and had to put it somewhere.


May 22 , 2006


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