This was THE BIG DAY.

The port panels were attached!!!!!!!! So as of today this object would float and technically speaking it is now a BOAT!

The port panels went on exactly l.ike the starboard side. No surprises. I did one dry fit and marked for fine tuning. Did a little planning and then attached the sides.

It really does take hours to prep, epoxy, re-fit, screw, then fillet an entire side panel (about 6 hours) but man it sure feels good once your done!

That of course in the last picture is my darling Kathleen. She is the one who instigated this whole project, gave up the garage for the winter and assists whenever needed. Oh yeah and she's pretty cute to boot don't you think?   ;-)

The T-Shirt is a Xmas gift from our oldest daughter and her husband. It says

Got Tolman?

Feb 19, 2006

Port panels prepped .

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