Today was a long day. I did not expect it would take so long to attach the side panels but what with the fillets inside and all it did take quite a while.

I dry fitted each panel again. Even though it seemed to fit nicely before the front panel was still a real bear to get to fit cleanly. I did a bit more planing and marking and was feeling pretty confident. So I dove in to glueing them up.

In the first picture you can see a scrap of plywood used to back the scarf joint. That scarf joint is lined up very nicely, however, I still had a difficult time getting the bowstem to line up as nicely as before.

I did have to shim between the bowstem and the panel at the top 12" using a 3/8" scrap of ply. I then used some really thick epoxy to fill the gaps remaining. Then I made a patch on the exterior to help fair the depression. After glassing I will have some fairing to do here.

BUT... I now have half a boat. If next weekend goes really well I should have the port side panels on.

Feb 12, 2006

Starboard side panels attached today.

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