After yesterday's panic today was a mellow steady day of progress .

After walking around the boat about a dozen times like a dog circling his blanky for a a nap I decided everything was ok and and decided to start moving forward again.

First thing I did was cut off the overhang on the transom. I cut off and sanded down the excess hull bottom that was hanging off the transom.

Next I dry fitted the second skin of the starboard bow panel.

Actually that went really easy. I screwed it down. Marked the edges that stuck out past the keel. I also made several landmarks, fiducuiary marks, so that I could exactly line the panel up again. Then I took it off and trimmed off the little bit of excess.

I then painted the outside of the starboard bow panel and what would be the inside of the second skin. I made sure it was really wet. I mixed up some thickened epoxy for the scarf and the edge along the chine and along the keel.

I used 55 screws, many with washers to screw the outside panel down onto the forward bow panel. For a couple hours I kept coming back and scraped up the epoxy drool and kept pushing and smoothing it back into the joints.

It was actually a very relaxed and satisfying day of progress. Next will be to glue down the port skin and start adjusting the shelf molds in preperation for attaching the rear framing members and the side panels.

Jan 22 , 2006

Trim transom & fix 2nd starboard hull panel.

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