Well since my last update we went to Portland OR to see our girls then came home and had some catching up to do.




I spent a day or so fretting and tweaking to make sure the hull bottom would fit nicely to the stringers and bowstem.




Once I felt satisfied with that we attached blocks alongside the stringers to be sure that the hull bottom came back down





I also drilled 3/8" holes through the hull into the stringers and placed 3/8 dowels in them. This was to ensure that when the hull was set back down onto the stringers it would all line up perfectly.







So today was the big day and everything was going very well. I was mixing the epoxy and Kath was painting the stringers and hull bottom then pasteing on the thickened epoxy.

All was right with the world... Dropped the hull bottom back down onto the stringers and MAYDAY!!!!!!!!!  The bow / bowstem connection was way off... how could this be, the dowels and blocks had brought the hull bottom back down perfectly.

Well for about 15 minutes of panic I checked and rechecked everything. I was completely dumbfounded there was no reaason for this and we couldn't even shove it into place. Then I  realized the thick gobs of thickened epoxy I had globbed on the bowstem had hardened so instead of squishing out it was pushing the bow out of align!  We were running out of time before the epoxy on the stringers and transom started setting up. We had to raise the bow end up chisel off the hardened epoxy, make another batch and gob it in there then set the hull bottom back down.

Why I put that on first instead of last .... I don't know what I was thinking.  What an idiot. I was so pissed.  I had fretted over everything lining up so nice & tight and in the end (because it didn't come back as perfect as original) I had to just goop in lots of epoxy to fill the spaces between the stem and inside of the hull bottom. Ultimately things came back pretty close into line and I think everything is okay.

Lesson learned. Because you end up using such big thick clumps of thickened epoxy on the bowstem do it last or the heating curing process will cause it to harden and have to be redone.

Jan 21 , 2006

Fix hull bottom onto frame.

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