I cleaned up the bow stem / shelf connection then began working on the horse which supports the stringers (backbones).










The horse provided with Neal's kit looks much different than what Renn decribes to build in his book. However Neal's horse is very simple to construct. In the process of joining the two halves I added a top cross member wider than the horse just to prevent the stringers from accidentally getting knocked off during the interim fitting adjusting process.














I also refitted / tweaked and anchored the shelves to the molds.





Lastly today I basically dry fitted the transom into place. At the moment it is just sitting on the back of the jig and being somewhat held in place by the ends of the stringers. Friday will be my next chance to work on the boat. That is when I plan to actually set and glue up the transom.

Dec 14, 2005

More Framework.

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