All I really managed to do these days was to fill the misc knot holes in the glue-lams which are the stringers. Once that was done I sanded them down and started re-arranging the garage... again...


Having the minimal required space to build a boat has more of an impact on progress than I had thought.

For one thing there is only enough room to do one process at a time. So if you are gluing up some pieces and it only takes an hour or so to accomplish that if there is no space available to work on something else you are done for the day.

THere is also a significant amount of time spent trying to figure out where you are going to move materials etc for the next few steps and still be sure you can get to those materials without having to move a bunch of other stuff in the process. That is what I have been running into lately. It is a bit frustrating.

From now until the bottom hull half goes on top space is at a premium in the garage. I think once that gets on top a significant amount of space will be freed up again.


Dec 05, & Dec 7th 2005

Not much progress these two days.

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