Today started a lot like yesterday. Double checking the chines. Re-tightening the wires etc.

Then I cleaned up the driblles of epoxy with a combination of scraper, dremel tool with 80 grit sanding wheel, and orbital sander. These 3 tools make fast work of those drips, especially the dremel tool!

I laid the second layer of fiberglass tape then used the same filleting mix as yesterday to glue the chines to the hull bottom. I laid visqueen under the 2x4s to keep them from becoming integral parts of the boat.



I can foresee a significant number of days with a mixing pot in my hands in my future ;-)





Here is a high tech mixing pot I came up with!







Tomorrow I will remove and putty up the spaces where the wires are, lay tape over the chine edges and fiberglass the entire inside of the hull bottom.

Nov 20, 2005

Today I tightened up and glued the chines and laid a second layer of tape on the fairbody .

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