Before I started I had to extend the length of my jig by 4 feet for a total of 20'.





Then I made sure that I had a squared up edge or ledger board to work agianst so I screwed down 2x4s to snug my pieces against to ensure I would have a true flush keel edge.




I marked for squared edges on the scarfs and made sure the plys were flush by using a square to ensure the surfaces were level. Then made reference marks to be sure I got everything lined back up after glueing.




I placed visqueen under the scarfs and folded it over the pieces to prevent glueing the pieces to the underlying material.




I wetted the scarfs really well with epoxy and then laid a good coat of epoxy mixed with micro fibers and a bit of silica as the "glue" for each joint.



Last I screwed the scarfs down using fender washers to spread the pressure.


Nov 12, 2005

After freaking out that I had already screwed up our boat I regained my composure and prepared to glue up the bottom panels..

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