We beefed up the rear suspension with airbags and heavy duty shocks. It looks like I could put in a few more lbs of pressure though.








Our little half ton truck did a pretty good job of towing the boat, which weighs about 3500 lbs including trailer and motor. The wind, however, made it kinda squirrely though.





The first day of the Homer Wooden Boat Festival was chilly, gray, and drizzely. Day two though was a beautiful day if a bit windy.






Here I am with Renn Tolman, the boats designer and builder for twnty years before retiring.








Unfortunately this is close as we got to launching on this trip.

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Well we made it to the 2008 Wooden Boat Festival which was one of our big goals. We didn't get out of the harbor though. Our engine was running rough enough that we didn't think it was a good idea to try to go out. The trade off for being kinda disappointed was a brand new 140 hp Suzuki 4 stroke. Which is what we really wanted anyway ;-)

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