Steve Reed's 18 foot Tolman Standard

This boat is for sale...

The skiff is a bit of a project, not rot or problems on transom or hull below the water line.  The gunnels each need a section replaced, but after that it is just strip, do a little epoxy re-coating on the cab, and then paint.  The trailer is a full size, long tongue, galvanized ez loader, and the skiff is at 18 feet.  I think the cab I put on it is top notch, especially in the looks dept, and looks is what the Tolman's had in spades as open skiffs from the beginning.  I think Renn built my skiff in the winter of 87 or 88.  I spent a winter in Prince William sound in it and then moved to SE AK where I lived on the beach for 16 years.  Great Skiff, hate to sell it, but I am anchored up in Salem Oregon now and need to work and put my boy through school  I can't really return to AK until I retire in 10 years------- I hope.

The motor is a 1998 Yahmaha 2 stroke 90 horse.  But it has less than 100 hours on it and is in top shape.

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