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Saturday, April 29,2002

I worked hard today on finishing up the bottom. The goal was to finish up the bottom, take it off the jig and move it out of the way so I could start putting the rest of the parts together.

So I started out by pre-soaking the keel joint with unthickened epoxy. After that had a chance to cure I filled the gap with a healthy helping of putty. Went back through and added a second helping of putty to make sure it was nice and rounded. While the putty was still wet, I put on the first layer of glass. After a short bit of curing so the epoxy was no longer runny, I added a second and finally a third layer of glass. This is going to be a very strong joint. At this point I let the whole thing cure over night.

Next morning I started putting epoxy on some of the parts, like the shelves and stringers. I had neglected to do this pre-coating and figured there was no time like the present. While those parts cured, I managed to move the bottom off the jig myself. This is one heavy sucker. Since I didn't have to move it far I was able to muster the courage to tackle it myself. And, nope I didn't hurt myself (he says in a high squeaky voice).

Rest of the day was spent making the molds and getting them positioned. Also made and installed the bowstem beam. Later when re-checking all the measurements I found that I was off 1 degree on the bowstem angle. Don't know if I'm being too picky, but I aim to adjust the bowstem to the correct angle of 50 degrees. Just like Renn my shelves refused to join properly at the bow and only touched at the tips. This Saturday I'll recut the tips with my trusty Worm Drive. This weekend will be another busy one with the goal of getting the bowstem/shelf connection right and getting the transom and stringers installed. I hope to figure out a way of getting the bottom mounted up without breaking something, hurting myself or requiring an installation team of six or eight folks. It'll be tough finding that many folks to come over and lift heavy boat parts.

next installment...