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July 5th, 2005

Desdemona (aka: Des, Mo, Mojo, Desmo) 1987-2005 R.I.P.

Will miss you old girl.

July 10th, 2005

Lots of whining this week and last about all the sanding, filling and sanding. I sat in my moaning chair and complained that no matter what I did my ten foot paint job was rapidly looking like a twenty foot paint job. Well, I'm here to say that it's not quite that bad, and for whatever reason I now have a rhythm. Maybe it's because I can smell the ocean and feel the cool breeze. Or maybe it's because I've actually started making headway.

True I've sanded more than any sane person would ever do in one's lifetime, but I'm here to say that it's looking pretty good if I must say so myself. For some reason the starboard side looks more finished than the port side. It's probably because that's the side I most often see.

The port side ended up with more drips and just plained boogered looking areas. But I'm in control now and can see the ugly bits that I somehow missed before. Sand, fill, sand, fill, sand, and coat with epoxy and then primer and then paint.

Put down a heavy coat of epoxy on the side decks and then sprinkled sand blasting grit on the epoxy for a super non skid surface. If I ever have to make a repair here, I'll have to grind the grit away first.

next installment...