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Monday, April 8,2002

This weekend's weather was incredible. Other than a bit of morning fog on Sunday, the sun shone, warmed the air and made the epoxy cure faster. Spring has sprung!

Saturday, I scraped the lumps off the first layer of fiberglass tape on the bottom, vacuumed up the mess, wiped it down and then coated the same area with epoxy for it's second layer of 10oz glass. Laid down the glass and after this had cured for a bit I rolled on a enough epoxy to fill the weave. This went very well and the end result was much smoother looking than the first. I guess practice makes perfect.

I also started working on the chine shelves by scarfing up two 15.x" x 8' pieces of scrap. These pieces were scarfed at an angle to better hold the shape of the chine shelves. The chine shelves start at the transom 4" wide and go to a tapered point at the bow.

On Sunday, after the scarf joints had cured, I took the scarfed panel over to the stitched and glued bottom and laid it on the outer edge starting at the bow. I traced this outer edge onto the panel and then lofted the outside line of the chine shelf. Drove nails, bent the batten and drew out the line. I cut out the first chine shelf and then dry fitted it to the bottom just to make sure it was going to work. There was no problem, so I the traced the first chine shelf onto the remaining bit of panel. Then I spent the next couple of hours fairing the chine shelves. Ended up making a jig to hold the chine shelves together. First I clamped the chine shelves together and stood them up on my layout table. Then I took two 2x4s and laid them on each side and clamped them tight to the chine shelves. Then I screwed the 2x4s to my table and wha-la, I had secure chine shelves I could now plane fair. This jig also works fine for use on your Tolman design sawhorses.

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