Steve's Tolman Project 59th page...

May 8th, 2005

Everything must be painted YELLOW!!!

Yep, the transom got it's first coat of Captain Davey Porter's Trawler Yellow paint. The fairing isn't perfect, but then again I'm not either. So be it. Just the same I think it's a lovely shade of yellow. Hope it dries correctly before the next coat, cause it started raining a few hours after I painted. Perhaps the sun will shine the rest of the week and it'll warm up enough to dry properly.

Gunnel side pieces (or side deck sides): These pieces of wood are oak and the first coat of epoxy I used ended up bubbling like crazy, even after I'd come along and popped (tipped) these bubbles with a brush. What a pain. Anyway, I tried a different tactic on the other sides. This time I stuck them out in the sun and let them get good and hot. Then I dragged them into the shade and re-epoxyed them by squeegeeing on a really thin coat. I let that cure a bit and then I put on another coat of epoxy and glassed them. Then I filled the weave and they look much better on the exposed outside than the pimply inside. These side pieces will make leaning very comfortable when we're jigging up Mean Mister Ling Cod (he never stops, he's a go getter...)

Have the roof panel tacked into place and have trimmed the forward and rear to proper length. Front of roof is curved and roughly follows the outline of the windshield and the rear is straight. Both overhang and act as a sunshade forward and wind and spray shield in the rear. I still have a ton of work to do on the roof, including sanding, epoxying/glassing and rounding the corners off. Hope to finish it this week.

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