Steve's Tolman Project 55th page...

April 6th, 2005

Windshield frames and side window frames are glued in, filleted and taped. I've trimmed away all the bits of overhanging glass, and have done a bit of scraping of the tape edges.

Fit the wheelhouse deck and glassed both sides. Then I cut the wheelhouse deck into three pieces. Center piece goes over the fuel tank and will be fastened with screws and sealed with either silcone sealer or bedding compound. Should the tank or fittings ever spring a leak I'll be able to remove the deck in short time and fix the offending leak. The more I thought about it, the more I figured I had to do it this way. It's added to the work load, but better safe than sorry. Cut out an opening on the forward portion of the center deck piece for the fuel filler hose and vent hose. This will be covered with an short box that will extend to the port side of the deck and go up to the side decks. Don't want to be looking at rubber hoses forever. Exposed edges will be rounded over. There will also be a removable lid of perhaps Lexan which will allow inspection of all the parts.

All three deck pieces are rounded over at the seams so I can get a reasonable amount of sealer there. A sharp knife and phillips screwdriver will allow removal of the fuel tank deck.

Glued up and taped one side of a rear bulkhead for the wheelhouse. I've gone back and forth over whether I wanted the rear bulkhead or a open wheelhouse. I think I've reached a compromise and opted for the rear bulkhead but have also decided on a wider door opening of 34 inches. The idea is to get a canvas covering for the door opening so we can keep the critters out, and the warmth in on those cold days, but also be able to open it up for the warm days. I wanted the bulkhead to allow easy to reach handles for folks standing on the fish deck while underway, but also to allow for some sort of additional seating on the fish deck. This bulkhead will allow me to bolt on some sort of folding seat or to allow a simple box/seat set up to share the common bulkhead. Also, the side window frames felt a little weak all by themselves. I think the Jumbo really needs this rear bulkhead if only to strengthen the ties between the side window frames and roof.

I hope to glue in the wheelhouse decks this weekend, and glass both sides of the rear wheelhouse bulkhead. If time permits I'll get that bulkhead installed or at least tacked into place. Then I can get going on the wheelhouse roof.

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