Steve's Tolman Project 48th page...

December 31st, 2004

Can't believe another year has gone by. It's been a crazy year with my health issues, the election and now the horrible Tsunami catastrophe in the Indian Ocean area. Please consider donating money to the Red Cross or other relief agencies.

I added a hardwood top piece to the splashwell. Ended up having to cut a piece off of the hardwood, and installing separately since I couldn't get the whole piece to fit. There's just not enough room to twist or bend a full boat width piece of wood into the space between the splashwell and the rear frames. Not to worry. Epoxy cures all. The hardwood was some clear Poplar I'd squirrelled away seven or eight years ago. I used full 3 1/2" width piece on the forward side of the splashwell and another 1 1/2" piece on top of the splashwell bulkhead. There's no flex now and the wide Poplar is comfortable to lean against.

Cut a hole in the cuddy cabin bulkhead behind the steering station and rounded it over. Added a door to it with piano hinge and backed the opening with a 1/4" plywood piece so the door only opens out. With this addition I can access electrical connections like fuse block and buss bars by climbing in the cuddy cabin, and opening the door. Connections are protected from the elements and should be reasonably easy to work on here.

Also started work on the arc piece of the rear cuddy cabin. Will be used to hold the top of the cuddy cabin door in place and will also have a full width hand hold/combing.

next installment...