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Oct. 19th, 2002

in the middle of updating...

Today was the day that I planned to turn the Jumbo. I couldn't do it myself and so I put the word out on the Tolman eMail List and that I needed help with turning the hull. I also called up a few folks and asked for help. I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I didn't get much response. But come Saturday morning some very kind and friendly folks gave up their valuable time and showed up enthusiastic and ready for work. We had ten folks lifting, tugging, and pushing the Jumbo up and over onto a cushion of tires and then onto it's new home. These folks worked together as a well oiled and disciplined team. I've got to say that it was an incredible experience. True it was wonderful to see the Jumbo right side up, but I really think the highlight of the day was the "making it happen" part of the day. I'm still in awe that we worked together as a team so well and that it worked! Thanks for everyone's help!

 Before turning, unclamp hull from jig,
 remove all molds except the rear one,
 the support for the stringers and
 the bowstem support
 Got tires f/ BigOrange...what did I forget?
 Gang starts to arrive.
 Bob, Peter & kids(Gene & Leon), and Tom.
 Briefing the troops. Safety!!
 And let the turning begin!
 Almost straight up...
 At the balance point!
 On the way down...
 It's turned over!!
And on the trailer. Whew!
Sure is purty!

Got up at 6:30 to get things done in preparation for the turning. First order of business was to clear out all the saw horses, scrap wood, radial arm saw and miscellaneous stuff from the left side of the driveway

Second order of business was to remove the leveling blocks from under the jig so I could move it and the Jumbo over to the newly cleared part of the driveway. The Jumbo is now fairly heavy, and so it required a persuader to lift the jig up. An eight foot 4x4 worked fine dandy. Just stick it under the jig and gently lift up and then kick out the blocks. Now the jig and Jumbo are on the wheels I'd installed a few months ago. It was so easy to slide the jig on over.

Off to Big Orange Tire on Sonoma Blvd to borrow a dozen used tires to cushion the Jumbo's landing. Nice folks there. Not only let me run off with 12 tires but also let me bring them back!

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