Steve's Tolman Project 22nd page...

Sept. 14th - 15th, 2002

Well, I didn't get squat done on Saturday. My lovely Wife, who's nesting instincts have gone into full swing, kept me busy crawling under the house fixing the squeaky floor in the bathroom. She was having me prep for the upcoming tile project. Did I mention that cramped quarters and a bazillion spiders are not some of my favorite things? Errrg. The rest of the day was spent at HomeDepot, Yardbirds and cutting the backer board to size.

Today in between tile cutting, I did get the spray rails cut out and temporarily fitted to the hull. I have four layers of 3/8" plywood that I now have to glue together and then glue on the hull...or vice-a-versa. Haven't quite figured out which to do. I'm leaning towards gluing on the first layer to the hull, then next layer...etc. Capt. Davey once described the spray rails as "Tolman Hell". I'm almost in agreement now, and by the time I finish I may be in total agreement. It's not going to be fun putting these things together.

The pictures above show the 24' spray rail layers that I had scarfed together last week and finally ripped to size this week.

Rolling over is postponed yet another week.

On another note, I took a piece of epoxied and glassed plywood after it had cured for many weeks, painted it with a famous marine paint and let this cure for a couple months. Then last week I threw it into a bucket of water to soak. Well today I took it out and it has a bazillion tiny little bubbles. I'm a tiny bit concerned about using this paint. I'm gonna stop by the boat store this week and try a different brand and see if I run into the same issue.

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