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February 23, 2002

Got a song in my head....Scarfinnnnnng is a many splintered thing....tra la la la la la....

Today I made sawdust. Lot's of sawdust. Maybe even buckets of sawdust. It's a good thing that when gathering up tools for my Jumbo project I also budgeted for a shopvac. I don't think I'd be a happy camper without it.

The bottom panels are cut out and the edges have been planed down to a proper angle for tomorrow's gluing session. That was fun! By the end of tomorrow I will have the bottom pieces scarfed together. Well, some of them anyway. Probably won't get much further than that since I am rapidly running out of room. Perhaps I'll get a chance to make yet more sawhorses since I seem to keep running out.

While I like my wormdrive skillsaw just fine and dandy, a panel saw or big cabinet saw would sure be nice. I spend too much time going back and hand planing yoogly or out of square edges. Eeeeep!

I hope ya'lls Tolman projects are going as well as mine.

Had to stop building for a couple of days. I just plain ran out of room. My garage is a smallish 20x20 feet and a large portion of it has some furniture, an old photo enlarger and tons and tons of stuff. I'm a bit of a pack rat.

So after much wringing of my hands and way too much procrastination I cleared the area to the right of the driveway leading to the garage. I ended up tearing down an old lean-to and hauling it, a bunch of old firewood and some failed art projects to the dump.

Next day I went to Home Depot and bought a temporary 10x20x10 canopy. Some of my Tolman operation had to go outdoors. There was just no way around it.

This past Sunday I was finally able to glue up another panel for the bottom. I now have a huge panel that's over 20 feet long sitting under the canopy in my driveway. This is a huge piece of wood.

Lofting the top deck and the
bowstem awaits installation.

next installment...