How to Build a Boat Trailer & Boat Trailer Plans

Quite a while ago I came across this document on how to build a boat trailer. I don't know who wrote it but am offering it up for those who are contemplating building their own boat trailer. If you are the owner of this document I am happy to attribute it to you. For some reason the author is not mentioned in the article.

Update: These boat trailer plans are originals created by Ken Hankinson, and the current copyright holder of these plans is Glen-L. We have removed the plans from Fishyfish. If you are looking for plans on how to build a boat trailer please visit Glen-L and purchase a set of their Boat Trailer Plans

How to Build Your Own Boat Trailer & Boat Trailer Plans

Boat Trailer How To - Technical Articles

  1. How to retro fit: trailer hydraulic surge brake installation
  2. Trailer brake coupler warnings
  3. How to pack plain spindle axle hub for trailer
  4. Trailer disc vs drum brake
  5. How to install trailer disc brakes
  6. How to set and adjust trailer bearings
  7. Trailer brake line tubing installation
  8. Fresh water washdown kit for boat trailers
  9. Bleeding hydraulic brakes on boat trailers
  10. How to adjust hydraulic brakes on a trailer
  11. Trouble shooting trailer hydraulic brakes
  12. Trailer hydraulic brake maintainence
  13. Hydraulic vs electric trailer braking systems
  14. How to remove the residual valve from a master cylinder on a trailer
  15. Emergency break away requirements for trailers
  16. Trailer hydraulic surge brake basics
  17. Trailer electric brakes
  18. How to measure 5 lug hubs on a trailer
  19. Trailer electric brake controllers
  20. Trailer break away requirements for electric brakes
  21. Trailer electrical wiring diagrams for electric brakes
  22. Trailer trouble shooting electric brakes
  23. Trailer trailer tires
  24. Trailer build your own utility trailer
  25. Trailer reversing solenoid valve installation
  26. Trailer trailer light wiring diagram (download PDF)
  27. Trailer drop axle specifications (download PDF)
  28. Trailer quick disconnect diagram pdf download
  29. Trailer brake line tubing kit diagram (download PDF)
  30. Trailer electric brake control wiring diagram (download PDF)
  31. Trailer unitized oil seal tech article (download PDF)
  32. How to adjust the tongue weight of a trailer
  33. Boat Trailer Measuring Guide

    1. Boat trailer measuring guide (Step 1)
    2. Boat trailer measuring guide (Step 2)
    3. Boat trailer measuring guide (Step 3)
    4. Boat trailer measuring guide (Step 4)
    5. Boat trailer measuring guide (Step 5)
    6. Boat trailer measuring guide (Step 5b)
    7. How to tow a trailer
  34. How to safely tow a trailer
  35. Boat Trailer Tonque Weight
  36. Boat Trailering Tips

Boat Trailer Manufacturers

  1. EZ Loader Boat Trailers
  2. McClain Boat Trailers
  3. Fast Load Trailers
  4. Road King Trailers
  5. Karavan Trailers
  6. King Trailers
  7. Pacific Trailers